woensdag 4 september 2013

Colorpencil on black paper; Guy Garvey portrait.

Guy Garvey, leadsinger from the band Elbow

4 opmerkingen:

    I love how you painted this portrait, it is very difficult to do portraits in pastel :) looks great!
    I am happy you are here again and sharing new pictures with us!
    Have a great inspiraton!
    :) Waiting your new art!

  2. Tigra! So nice to hear of you again!
    Working with colorpencils is so much fun, also my Wacom tablet broke down so.... Back to the traditional old school, it is realy good fun and a good lesson in art.

    1. Hi!!! :D
      Wietse, I thought it is pastel :) wow - pencil - that's so interesting, never draw with them on dark paper :) Really great done and I am very glad to see your art, especially, traditional.

      Hope you will have a new and modern tablet ;)

    2. Colorpencils are realy good fun, it took me while to get used to them but once you get in to them it is just so much fun. I wont be buying a new tablet soon, to expensive. But I dont realy need one at the moment, to much fun with my traditional work!