zaterdag 2 mei 2009

House Sparrow pencils

This is the pencil drawing I used for the illustration down the page.
as with all pencildrawwings, this smaller preview doesnt realy do it justice.
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To be honest I dont know for sure anymore if it realy looks like a crane but I was rather happy with this.
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Everybody loves turtles

And if you dont like turtles then maybe this will change youre mind =p
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Wave serpent and a poor bastard

I'd love to do some illustrations for childrens adventure books and with that in mind I did this one.
Good fun making it.
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Bagpipes blues

Again something based on a pic I googled up somewhere.
Pencil and corel's painter X.
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Sleeping in the back

You might notice that I listen to Elbow a lot and since theyre kinda nostalgic (or at least thats how they sound to me), and their first album is titled "asleep in the back" I took a ride down memory lane.
Back in the days when we didnt think of the obvious, like using a safety belt propperly.
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Loneliness of a towercrane driver (or something ;)

One of my favourite groups is Elbow. so while I was listening to the song "Loneliness of a towercrane driver" I came up with this.
Added some more cranes later on, so Im not sure if it realy lives up to the songs title anymore.

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Lets give this bloggin here a try....

Lets start with this illustration of a House Sparrow, based on a photo I found somewhere on the internet =)

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