dinsdag 26 april 2011


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  2. Wow - beautiful! :-))))
    Wietse! I love these flowers so much - On the background some of them looks like a palms (hands) :-) Looks like they openes to us!

    Happy Easter, my friend!!! Uhuhuuuuuuuuu!
    Sunny days

  3. Thaank you Ti, I saw from youre pictures you also had a good easter!

  4. Yeees!!! Wietse!!! :-D It was sooo happy days! Heh! Tomorrow I'll be there too!!! I'll see my Kitties againe! :-D How I love them! And bicycle!
    Be happy! And wish you new pictures and inspiration for a long time, my friend!!! :-))) Ihihiiii!!!!!
    P.S. I wrote you an answer for your questions - about pastel painting, hope you enjoy ;)