maandag 31 januari 2011

Getting back into Photoshop CS5

Quite different to what Im used to in Painter, but for now it will do.
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  1. Hello!!!!!! Hi, my friend, Wietse! :-)))
    I am so glad to see you! Wow!
    She is a very beautiful girl! :-D She is very graceful! Excellent!
    By the way, there are new brushes in Photoshop 5 very soft and blend with the background - similar to oil brush in Painter ;-) Did you know that?
    I am very happy to hear you again!Hurraaay!

  2. Haha heya Ti, its allways good to hear from you, youre so enthousiastic!

    And yeah I just found out about the new brushes in PS, Im realy starting to like it better and better.
    Only thing I need to know right now is how to make a propper build-up brush like for example the pencil-brushes in painter.

  3. Yes, I am so :-D! Wietse, Hello!!!!
    Sometimes I feel tired, as all people but my friends and nature around are my best medicines :-)

    Oh, I don't know how to create it! If you already knew - please, share with me too!!!!!!! :-))))
    Uhuhuuuuuuu!!!! Fantastic wind outside the window, I shure - you hear it too!!! :-D Good mood for you, friend!