maandag 28 juni 2010

Live without internet sucks....

Ive been without internet (and phone and tv) for a while so its been some weeks since I last posted.
So here goes ;p

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  1. Wonderful



  2. COOL! Wietse, So impressive! WOW!!!
    A man with guitar so funny in perspective! So soft colors and shapes!
    And I love Trees - your Tree so beautiful! And enigmatic! THis is your own style!!! ;-)

    P.S. If no secret you had a travelling?

  3. Thanks Skizo and ti-igra its so nice to read youre kind words, I am honored by them :)

    Ti-igra;I wasnt on holldiday unfortunatly.
    I ended my contract with my internet provider because of some quality problems. But because im a bit chaotic in my head I did not sign up with a new provider in time so i had to wait a month. But tomorow everything is fixed again, YAY =D

  4. Hello, Wietse! You are so funny! :-))))
    I listen to you and smile! You're a real creative person! But it's so cool! I also love this state when you are not connected with civilization, doing what is important to you! :-)I wish you have a good mood! ;-)