maandag 29 maart 2010

Ben, Marlies & Sabine.

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  1. Wow! Cool! Wietse, these sketches are gorgeous! :-) When I look at people I see character of each! And smiling because they are so funny when paiting, so concentrated on theire work! :-) You caught them! (we say so on Ukrainian) :)))

  2. These are just great sketches. Amazing energy in your lines. Great personalities too

  3. Ti, thank you so much , youre enthousiasm and observations are realy very rewarding!

    Mike, thanks mate, that means a lot from you, youre works are just so beautifull.
    How you capture movement and character in youre poses, color and lines.

    I am very happy with what both of you said because it is the same my teacher said.
    I am learning to apreciate a nice drawing for different reasons than only trying to perfectly render static copies.

  4. Wietse! I love to draw dinamic too! :-)
    This is very interesting! How people do work, go on the street, be in haste or on the contrary stops at the shop windows...
    And you succeed it!
    I think you will excuse for my bad English ;-)
    But I really want to communicate with my friends!

  5. Dont worry Ti, I can understand you just fine and my own english is also far from perfect ;)

    The thing with dynamic drawings is that you allways allmost get something interesting and it fun to do.
    When I only concentrated on making "perfect pictures" I was often disapointed with the result but with this new aproach (for me) I have so much more fun and I learn much faster.

  6. Hi Wietse!
    Your work is very nice!His drawings have a beautiful style!

  7. Hi, Wietse! Where you gone so long? Come back! :-) We already miss...

  8. beautiful, sensible and great!